This patch includes everything you need for creating your own title screen

  • The standard title screen will be skipped, the game starts directly at the start map.

  • You can call the load menu from an event script.

  • You can exit the game from an event script.

  • BetterAEP is a stand-alone patch. You don’t need any other patch to get it working. If you want to combine it with another patch, apply BetterAEP first.

To call the loading menu or exit the game, the event command “Stop Parallel Events” (or “Stop Event” in some versions) and the variable no. 3350 is used. This variable has been chosen, because most of the games don’t use it.

If variable no. 3350 contains the value 1 when “Stop Parallel Events” is called, the load menu will pop up. If it contains the value 2, the game will quit. If it contains any other value, the standard “Stop Parallel Events” command will be executed.