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Date postedSeptember 6, 2007
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Features  [Top]

  • Skip the logos of ASCII/Enterbrain [RM2k only]
  • Manipulate the title screen:
    • Set the cursor to the second entry by default
    • Swap the meaning of “Exit” and “Load” [RM2k only]
    • Display “Load” never gray even if there is no save file [RM2k only]
    • Allow activating “Load” even if there is no save file [RM2k only]
    • Only show first and second entry (you can have “Start” and “Exit” without “Load” then, by also exchanging the meanings of “Exit” and “Load”) [RM2k only]
    • Change the position of the choice window
  • Manipulate the game menu:
    • Hide gold window
    • Hide menu entries [RM2k only]
    • Change the color of the menu entries [RM2k only]
  • Hide HP and/or level in the save/load menu [RM2k and RM2k3 v1.04]
  • Change the position and size of windows in BS, in order to make the design look better [RM2k only]

The tool does only support RM2k v1.07 and RM2k3 v1.04/1.08 (partly).

English translation  [Top]

Unfortunately, this tool is only available in German. But the meanings of the options are described here, so you should be able to use it anyway.


Screenshots  [Top]


Source code  [Top]

You can download the source code (written in FreeBASIC) here. License is GPL.