Neuer Patch: RM2k3 NoAutoBattle-Patch 16. 3. 2010

Dieser Patch entfernt das Auswahlfenster (Fight/AutoBattle/Run away) im Kampfsystem, was normal vor jedem Kampf erscheint.
Dieser Patch funktioniert nur mit einer RPG_RT.EXE von RPG Maker 2003 v1.08.


Download: NoAutoBattle-Patch v1.00

4 Kommentare zu “Neuer Patch: RM2k3 NoAutoBattle-Patch”

  1. Taylor sagt:

    Holy crap it doesn’t even do a split second move. It doesn’t even show up like it was never there.

    I love it! It works with No Row too, which is even better.

  2. Lordy sagt:

    This archive has a problem, it doesn’t work.

    When i apply the patch with hyper patcher 2, it says this message:
    “Das gewahlte patch-archiv enthalt keine patches fur ihre runtime-version.”

    I m on the v1.08 of rpg maker 2003.

    • Cherry sagt:

      The message means that there is no compatible patch for your version in the archive. Since you say you have 1.08, it’s most likely that the patcher was unable to detect your version (check the displayed version in the first tab). I assume that you changed your RPG_RT.exe’ resources (icons, texts, splash screen). Please apply this patch on a file without these modifications and then reapply them.

      • Lordy sagt:

        Yes good !

        It works ! I reinstalled rpg maker v1.08 without its extern composant (before composant transformed v1.08 to v1.09b) and i repatch no-auto-battle and all is OK.

        Thanks !

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