RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate 2009/12/22

Development of this project is currently frozen!

Introduction  [Top]

Patches of the RPG Maker 2000/2003 editor have always been the greatest problem, because they all changed the resource section in the executable. So there were two ways of distrubuting such a modification: Either the users had to change their RPG2000/3.exe by themselves using the famous “Resource Hacker” or replace it by a new one, which was often a big problem because modifications made in the past, and even localizations were overridden.

The aim of my project is to make things easier. RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate neither changes the executable file nor replaces it. It’s compatible with all versions and this way very flexible. When started, it will load any RPG Maker 200x editor and inject itself into it. From the inside, it is able to modify the RPG Maker then.

Already implemented features  [Top]

  • Interface modification: new, compact toolbar, seperated (”floating”) map tree and chip selector, project’s name in title bar
  • User-defined interface modification or localization through INI files (UIMod). This replaces the old way, where you had to use Resource Hacker.
  • Support for multiple instances (up to 100) without conflicts
  • Opening project by entering the path
  • Replacement of fonts (this way eliminating the bug where RM2k3 would display a yen sign instead of a backslash)
  • “User tools” menu where you can put tools you want to call quickly
  • Support for resources in subfolders
  • File info for resources (image size, title/copyright information for MIDIs and MP3s, …)
  • “Undo” button for many event commands
  • New charset animation type “No steps when moving”
  • New hotkeys, F11 can now be used in every window to open the music selector, F9 also works in the database
  • Event command highlighting
  • Size of event listboxes can be increased
  • “Secret”, password-protected events
  • Support for lower layer tiles in upper layer (with one important restriction, read ultimate.txt for details)
  • Go to a map by entering its ID or a part of its name
  • Support for comments up to 128 lines
  • No size check at importing images
  • Support for 125 (5×25) sprites instead of 25 (5×5) in one animation file
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Language files included: German, French, Spanish and Polish
  • Language file editor

Planned features  [Top]

  • Integration of CGSS
  • Minimap of current map for better overview
  • Better sound player with music download feature
  • Debugger
  • Event template feature (with parameters) for often used types of events (e.g. “chest”, “teleport”, …)
  • …and much more

Screenshots  [Top]



Main window with floating tool panel

Main window with floating tool panel

"Go to Map" window

'Go to Map' window

Secret event password change dialog

Secret event password change dialog

Secret event password enter dialog

Secret event password enter dialog

Database menu

Database menu

Tools menu with user-defined tools

Tools menu with user-defined tools

Tips & Tricks window

Tips & Tricks window

Database with vertical tabs and event command highlighting

Database with vertical tabs and event command highlighting

Maximized event listbox

Maximized event listbox

Resource manager with file info

Resource manager with file info

Move/rename function

Move/rename function

Subfolder combobox

Subfolder combobox

Listing of files in all subfolders

Listing of files in all subfolders

Big comment

Big comment

New event animation style

New event animation style

Language file editor

Language file editor

Use of an animation file with 125 sprites

Use of an animation file with 125 sprites

About window

About window

Download  [Top]

The first official release is available here: RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate v0.15. Please read text files carefully before testing.
You can view the changelog before downloading.

210 Responses to “RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate”

  1. ABV says:

    When I try to run the RPG Maker Ultimate Patch on my project an error message appear says
    Function or pointer “UpdateScriptListBox_BE” wasn’t found in the RPG Maker!
    what should I do? is there some missing download in my RPG maker?

    • Cherry says:

      Some versions of RM have this problem, just try using a different version. RM2k9U is known to be working fine with English RM2k 1.05, 1.07, 1.50, 1.51, RM2k3 1.03, 1.04, 1.08, 1.09.

  2. Dufe says:

    Hey Cherry, it would be really cool if we could inverse the grid depth in terrain so I could align battle charsets at an angle.

  3. daniel says:

    Hello. So what is this exactly? i have Rm2k3… Is this a whole new rpgmaker? or like a patch? does it have the sideview battles?

    • David says:

      You have to have the rpg maker. This is only a extension for the rpg maker 2000, RPG maker 2000 Value! and the RPG Maker 2003.

      Have fun!

  4. Izlude says:

    This looks great. But I see it still has a “planned features” section. Is this still being worked on :) I’ll have to give this a try and bring some life back into some unfinished projects.

    I think the reason I stopped in the first place was because my games kept getting strange errors (bugs) where events didn’t exist, but restarting the game made them appear again… and they weren’t fit for release. Plus I’ve improved on my art skills, so this’ll be even better.

    • Cherry says:

      This sounds like an event was being accessed after the map changed. After a teleport, all events – except for “Parallel Process” ones – will keep running until they reach their code’s end. Now, if such an event accesses a map event which belongs to the old map, it will either access a random event from the new map (if there happens to be an event on the new map with the same ID as the event which the other event tries to access), or crash.

      Unfortunately, RM2k9U is “on ice”. At the moment, it looks unlikely that it’s going to be continued…

  5. omar benali says:

    Why is a “Secret event”?
    How it can be used?

    • Cherry says:

      It’s an event which is not visible on the map. It can only be accessed by users who open the project in RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate and have the password.
      It could be used to put “secret” code inside, to prevent people from copying it… or to put anti-cheating code.

  6. BlisterBoy says:

    Hi Cherry, do you keep developping RPG Maker 2009 ?

    • Cherry says:

      Unfortunately not. However, I don’t consider it completely dead, I might get back to it some day in the future. I have absolutely no idea when this might be, though.

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  8. kringlur says:

    Thanks so much for making this! After using it for a while, I was trying to change the in-game font and somehow messed up this program (now it’s like the program doesn’t recognize my mouse, if I click on the screen or on the menus nothing happens). I will just re-install it but I thought you might like to know.

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