There are several I questions people ask me again and again, and since I am tired answering them again and again, please read this before asking me a question. (Updated on 2012/12/10)

About me

Cherry, Cherry Tree, CherryTree, CherryDT, … I am confused with all these names.

It’s easy: Cherry Tree (with blank) is the name of this homepage. CherryTree (without blank) is the “label” used for my software (”CherryTree Software” for example). And finally, Cherry (or CherryDT at places where the name “Cherry” is already used) represents myself.

And why “Cherry”?

The name “Cherry” was chosen off the cuff when I signed up for the very first time on a message board on the internet (the “RPG-Maker-Quartier”) back in 2006. I just wanted to post a question and there was this box asking for a nickname. Actually, I had watched a movie the previous day where people were drinking sherry, which led my thoughts to the word “cherry”. At this time, I didn’t know that “cherry” also means “virgin”. Because of this, and because it’s quite a common word, today I would choose a different name, but now it would be too complicated to change my nickname.

Who are you? What is your life like?

I am a 21-year-old who is living in Salzburg, Austria. I am a self-employed software developer, but most of my time is spent as CEO of a company developing software for Internet marketing. And I am just one person ;) – my name is “David Trapp”, and if you are really interested in further details, click here.

Why do you know so much about computers? Where did you learn all this?

I don’t know. This may sound silly, but I can’t say “yes, I learned this at a 100-day seminar in 2002″ or something like this – I have been interested in computers since I was a child and I loved to experiment, so knowledge and experience grew slowly and I can’t specify where they are from.

Are you a nerd, sitting in front of the computer all day?

No. You don’t need to be a nerd to create software.

About this website

What is “Cherry Tree” exactly?

Cherry Tree (* means all services provided by myself (such as CherryShare, the school portal, the online proxy or eyeOS), but mainly this homepage, except for commercial projects, but including hosting.

Maybe you should provide a French/Spanish/Polish/… version of your website too. Should I translate it for you?

No, thank you. I won’t add any more languages than English and German.

When will this homepage be finished?

I don’t know. We’ll see.

Could you give me some webspace?

If you ask me politely, maybe I will. It depends on what project you need the webspace for.Of course, if you are willing to pay, that’s a different story – I have several hosting plans available starting at €9/year (plus 20% VAT). You can also get your own domain name that way. Just send me an e-mail.

Do you have your own webserver? Where have you got the money from?

I have virtual servers and I am also reselling webspace and domains. And I got the money from working. :)

About my work

Why do you focus on writing extensions for the RPG Maker 2000/2003? It’s obsolete and only few people use it anymore.

That’s a long story. My first RPG Maker related tool (the Keypatch Wizard) was created out of a need, but it was heavily criticized. The following named “RM2k(3) Font Changer” (which did a simple search & replace in the runtime file) fared no better, but then a private competition between myself and a guy called Crash-Override emerge, which resulted in creation of the Hyper Patcher 1 v1.3. In order to create the Hyper Patcher, I had to learn assembly and gain some knowledge in reversing. I found this to be very interesting, so I spent some time on research of the internal structures of the runtime file. Know, I have a huge database with memory addresses, data structures, labels and variable names which allows me to achieve incredible new things with the RPG Maker 2000/2003. So creating RPG Maker related tools gives me a great result in short time, which is very motivating, and I always have to learn new things in order to solve some specific problem.

What programming language do you use?

I am using FreeBASIC as main language for all of my tools, though there are often other languages involved (like Assembler, Delphi, Lua, C++). Also, for business projects I am mostly using one of the .NET languages.

How can I learn to write patches?

Google for some reversing tutorial :) Preferrably the one by “lena151″.

Why are most of your patches only available for RM2k v1.07 and RM2k3 v1.08?

These are the RPG_RT.exe versions which are used most (at least in the German community), so my databases are tailored for these versions.

Have you ever created a game with the RPG Maker?

I have started two games: “Emera’s Vocation” with RPG Maker 2003 and “Pokémon NG Opal” with RPG Maker XP, but I cancelled both.

Why don’t you create a new RPG Maker?

Because it would be less fun than creating patches and tools!

Are you still developing RPG Maker tools?

I would like to say “of course”, but unfortunately I am very busy with “real business”. That’s good for my bank account, but unfortunately bad for the RPG Maker community and I know that. Still, I am interested in it, because it’s just fun! And I hope I am going to find some spare time to continue on some of the projects soon.

89 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. imgPixelex says:

    2010/07/28 at 13:09

    Echt jammerschade, dass du keinen eigenen RPG Maker machen möchtest. :(

  2. imgSeena says:

    2010/11/28 at 23:36

    Is it possible to change the way an RPG_RT.exe works by modifying the the configuration file(.ini file) in the project the same way RM2K9U can be modified?

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/11/29 at 8:11

      Not really, because the UIMod system just uses Delphi’s RTTI (Runtime Type Information) to access properties of forms.

      The RPG_RT.exe uses only one form (the game window), without any interesting properties.

  3. imgSeena says:

    2010/12/11 at 9:15

    This is about the RMEventFactory.
    Is there a way to actually load or save event data to an RPG Maker project so it can be used and modified in RMEventFactory?

    The help manual that comes with it has absolutely no information on interacting with a project.

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/11 at 12:55

      It’s explained in the paragraphs “The Template” on page 2, and “The Output” on page 12.

      \1. Copy the event from RM2k(3) in the clipboard
      \2. Click “Read event data from clipboard” in RMEventFactory
      \3. Do what you want with it in RMEventFactory :)
      \4. After production, click “Copy to clipboard” in RMEventFactory
      \5. Pass the event in RM2k(3)
      \6. If you produced more than 1 event, repeat steps 4 & 5:)

      • imgSeena says:

        2010/12/11 at 23:26

        Thank you very much Cherry!

  4. imgThiamor says:

    2010/12/28 at 22:39

    I got a question. Well a few actually.
    Firstly, is there a way on any of your patches to have ’show image’ work during battles on rmk2k3? Also would you happen to know any (if possible) links to people who have edited the engine itself to allow for more options? Such as more HP, MP, Str, and things such as that? not sure if possible (should be with someone smart enough. That is all I’ve got to ask for now. Thanks and peace.

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/29 at 15:37

      Firstly, is there a way on any of your patches to have ’show image’ work during battles on rmk2k3?

      Yes, the PicsInBattle-Patch. Although the Event Mixer had to be removed, you can still use the “Call Common Event” command in RM2k3 to call a event where picture commands are used.

      Also would you happen to know any (if possible) links to people who have edited the engine itself to allow for more options? Such as more HP, MP, Str, and things such as that? not sure if possible (should be with someone smart enough. That is all I’ve got to ask for now. Thanks and peace.

      Some things are not so easy, like more HP, because in the game engine are limits hardcoded, so the engine would reset the HP to their old maximum as soon as they are changed. You should still have a look at Aten’s Goliath Patch, which is even utilizing my Hyper Patcher 2 to allow 120 pictures.

  5. imgSeena says:

    2011/01/02 at 4:23

    Is there any way to change the maximum amount of monsters in a monster group beyond 8 (RM2K9U ini files, Resource Hacker, changing an immediate value using a hex editor, etc)?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/01/02 at 14:10

      There is always a way… but I don’t know it yet, sorry :)

  6. imgSeena says:

    2011/01/04 at 0:42

    Currently I am also trying to find ways to modify RM2K3(both the engine and the editor), but I have not made very much progress. I know C++, Java, and I am learning Assembly Language. I understand simple instructions including, but not limited to, CMP, MOV, JMP, as well as concepts related to registers and flags. I am using the IDA Pro Free version for disassembly, and the xvi132 hex editor.

    Do you reccomend using any other programs with what I am using? Should I use a different dissassembler or hex editor?

    Links to other sites (in English) would also be helpful.

    Happy New Year Cherry!

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/01/04 at 13:41

      Well, I’d recommend you to get OllyDbg. It’s a great debugger, there are lots of plugins for it all around the net and you get a lot of support. What’s great is that you can patch executable files in the memory, while they are running, test it, and then save it directly to the executable file. The plugin MUltimate Assembler makes it even more powerful, because you can write the whole patch in assembler and “inject” it in the file, and you can also read the existing assembly code and modify it without having to worry about the size of every instruction (you just can’t increase the size of the whole code block, you have to move it somewhere else instead).

      • imgSeena says:

        2011/01/05 at 0:46

        Thanks! I will check these tools out.

  7. imgSeena says:

    2011/01/16 at 6:14

    OllyDbg is a great tool, but when I try to run RPG_RT.exe(in a game folder of course) using the “run” command, it freezes and stays that way. This doesn’t happen when I run the game by itself. The only way I can get out of this is to stop the program with the task manager. I am using OllyDbg v2.00 and an RPG_RT.exe from Rpg Maker 2003 v1.08. Is there any way I can use the “run” command in OllyDbg on the RPG_RT.exe without having it freeze up?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/01/16 at 14:28

      No freeze here :/

      What exactly is freezing? The game or OllyDbg? If it’s the game, look in OllyDbg’s status bar, if it’s an exception, press Shift+F9. If it’s OllyDbg itself, then I have no idea… maybe try OllyDbg 1.1 instead of 2.0, because v2.0 is still in development, and v1.1 is trusted and reliable, I am using it for years.

  8. imgmax Brunner says:

    2011/01/17 at 12:08

    hi und nette Seite ;)

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/01/18 at 12:48

      Danke Maxi^^

  9. imgSeena says:

    2011/02/09 at 6:33

    Hey Cherry. Are there any RM2K3 patches you know of (from you or anyone else) that change the ATB battle system into a non-ATB turn based battle system where players have an indefinite amount of time to make a choice each turn?

  10. imgSeena says:

    2011/02/11 at 23:07

    Are there any patches that hide one or more Base Statistics(Level/Hp/Mp/Strength/Defense/Intelligence/Agility) from the Status and Equip Screens?

    Also are there any patches that hide the Hero Class and Title from the Status Screen?

    Also(again) are there any patches that hide certain Equipment slots from the Equip Screen?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/02/12 at 19:16

      Are there any patches that hide one or more Base Statistics(Level/Hp/Mp/Strength/Defense/Intelligence/Agility) from the Status and Equip Screens?

      No, but there is one patch I made for somebody some years ago: It removed the display of the agility in RM2k3… Do you need it?

      Also are there any patches that hide the Hero Class and Title from the Status Screen?

      If you set the title and class names to empty strings, all you need to do is open your rpg_rt.exe in the Resource Hacker, look for the strings “Title” and “Class” and replace them with emtpy strings too.

      Also(again) are there any patches that hide certain Equipment slots from the Equip Screen?

      No, sorry.

      • imgDarkmessenger says:

        2012/06/24 at 2:36

        the person you made the patch is me tanks For all Friend

  11. imgSeena says:

    2011/02/13 at 1:09

    I would find the Patch that removes agility very useful.

    Another thing: I managed to figure out how to modify the rpg_rt.exe to allow for all Base Statistics to go up to 32,767 , and for Currency and Variables to go up to 2,147,483,647. Is there a way to upload it to your website? Also is there a way to make it a patch that’s compatable with Hyper Patcher 2?

    Thanks again!

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/02/13 at 17:23

      Here is the anti-agility patch:

      Cherry, 20.05.2009 20:49:06:

      Cherry, 20:49:19:
      I’ve changed the following things:

      Cherry, 20:49:57:
      in “equip”: I removed the complete line “Speed xx->yy” and set the other texts one line below (it looks better)

      Cherry, 20:51:37:
      in “status”: I removed the “Speed xx” line and set all other texts one line below. in the first line the text “Speed” will be displayed in white, as heading. change the text in the database to something like “Statistics:”

      About your patch: It sounds quite interesting. Please send it to me, I will then also create a hpa file from it and/or tell you how to do it!

      Best regards,

  12. imgSeena says:

    2011/02/14 at 2:39

    Thanks Cherry!

    I have uploaded the patch to Cherry Share. The patch is called HigherLimits.exe

    The patch has tested for all of the ways that Base Statistics, Money, and Variables can change and it works fine, however it hasn’t been tested for temporary changes caused by an ability during battle, or an afflicted condition.

    There are also issues with the main menu where if Hp and Mp are above 9999, or if Money is above 999999, lower digits will intermingle with other parts of the Main Menu or go off the edge of the screen.

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/02/14 at 13:19

      Hey, great!

      You got an e-mail.

      • imgSeena says:

        2011/02/15 at 4:26

        Thanks for the information on creating a .hpa file.

        I am unable to open the attachment to download hpdpa.exe however because my email account blocks some attachments no matter what, to “Protect my Computer”, and there is nothing I can do.

        Could you please make the link to hpdpa.exe available?
        I would be very grateful.

  13. imgPatrick says:

    2011/02/25 at 2:51

    Hey Cherry, I got a question.
    I have been using the Better AEP patch, where it skips the title screen. I don’t have any real issue with that patch, but I realized that I will need more than the 50 picture limit for my game. I downloaded the patch that allows it to go up to 100 and I set it up. But now I have a title screen.

    Is there anyway to have both? Or do I have to choose between the title screen skip or 50 pictures?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/02/25 at 8:49

      The 100-Pics-Patch is obsolete. Please use Hyper Patcher 2 instead!

      • imgPatrick says:

        2011/02/25 at 10:44

        If I patch using the Hyper Patcher would that allow me to continue using the Better AEP?

        • imgCherry says:

          2011/02/25 at 11:01

          Exactly. You can just set the picture limit (up to 126), it won’t change anything else.

  14. imgSeena says:

    2011/02/27 at 5:10

    When I asked if you could make the link to hpdpa.exe available, I meant on this website, not make the attachment available on my email account. Sorry if I gave you the wrong idea.

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/02/27 at 14:55

      Oh yes, okay:


      To create an HPD or HPA patch, you need the file “hpdpa.exe”, my HPD Patcher and Archiver.

      You have to create a script file, containing the tasks you want the archiver to do.

      All commands start with the command’s name, and then the parameters, each in its own line (!).

      There are the following commands:

      name of the hpd file
      name of original file
      name of modified file

      …this command will create an HPD patch. An HPD patch is like an IPS patch, but it also stores the filesize of the original file. Hyper Patcher 2 asks for confirmation if the filesize differs, but you can still apply the patch in that case.

      An HPA file contains several HPD patches, with version information and description. This makes it impossible to apply the wrong patch on the wrong file or wrong file version.

      name of the num file
      number 1
      number 2
      number 3


      …this commands will create a NUM file containing the specified numbers (as many you want, ending with a “$” sign). Hexadecimal values start with “&h”. This feature has no use for action patching, but it can be used to store additional information in an HPA file (for example it’s used to store the offset of the number of pictures of the 9999 picture patch in HP2).

      So, you won’t need that feature at all^^

      name of hpd file
      name of target file

      …this command will apply an HPD file. Note that it does NOT ignore the filesize.

      name of hpa file

      …this command will create an empty HPA file.

      name of hpa file
      name of hpd file
      description of patch
      size of code of target file – or 0
      size of data of target file – or version of target file

      …this command will add an HPD patch to an HPA file. The description will be shown at the listbox in HP2. If the description starts with “$”, the entry will be hidden (not very useful for you, I suppose^^). To specify the version of the RPG_RT.exe the patch should work with, you can either specify the size of code and size of data of that RPG_RT.exe (use Finder, PEiD or a similar tool to find out), or the version. If you use the version, put “0″ for the size of code, and the version as size of data. The version can be one of the following codes:

      1000, 1010, 1020, … 1110 : RM2k v1.00 – v1.10
      1500, 1510 : RM2k v1.50 – v1.51 (Value!)
      2000, 2010, 2020, … 2080 : RM2k3 v1.00 – v1.08
      2091 : RM2k3 v1.09a

      name of hpa file
      name of target hpd file
      description of patch
      size of code – or 0
      size of data – or version

      …this command will extract an HPD file from an HPA file for the specified RPG_RT.exe version.

      name of hpa file
      name of target file
      description of patch
      size of code of target file – or 0
      size of data of target file – or version of target file

      …this command will apply a patch directly from an HPA file. Note that you HAVE to specify the correct size of code/data or version! It’s not automatically detected.


      …this command will delete all HPD files which were created using “CREATE” by the current script.

      After creating the script, start “hpdpa.exe” with your script’s filename as parameter.


      Increase limits of stats, variables, etc.
      Set limits of stats, variables, etc. to normal

      This will create an HPA file with install and uninstall option for your patch, for RM2k3 1.08 only (assuming that a normal rpg_rt.exe and your higherlimits.exe are in the same folder, along with hpdpa.exe and this script, e.g. higherlimits.txt).

      And why did I explain all that and didn’t just create an HPA file for you? Good question. Maybe because you could need it again later. :)

      Best regards,

      Download here.

      • imgSeena says:

        2011/02/28 at 4:15

        Thanks! I am vary grateful!

      • imgSeena says:

        2011/03/02 at 0:18

        I got 2 errors when I tried using hpdpa.exe:

        error: file not found “RPG_RT.exe”

        even though the “RPG_RT.exe” was in the same folder,

        and when I tried running your example patch I got another error

        error: invalid command: “”

        and the program got stuck in an infinite loop.

        Is there a way to fix these errors?

        • imgCherry says:

          2011/03/02 at 11:46

          error: file not found “RPG_RT.exe”

          HPDPA is very picky about the working directory. Try opening cmd, “cd”-ing to the right directory and then call hpdpa from the command line.

          error: invalid command: “”

          You probably have an empty line somewhere in the file, I assume it’s at the end of the file.

          • imgPepper says:

            2011/07/24 at 15:14

            Arltices like this make life so much simpler.

  15. imgCS says:

    2011/03/03 at 5:06

    Hi Cherry.I want to download your HyperPatch2 for RM2K because I want to increase the pic limit (20 is too few!) I am ignorant of how your modifications work though, so I want to make sure if I apply the HyperPatch that people will be able to download and play my game without having the HyperPatch themselves.

    Thanks, and as usual, kudos about what a great job you have done.


    • imgCherry says:

      2011/03/03 at 9:45

      I think, patches which have to be installed by the player are ridiculous. Thus, you don’t have to worry.

      • imgCS says:

        2011/03/04 at 7:06

        Thanks so much. The increased pic limit is really going to help me out.


  16. imgCS says:

    2011/03/03 at 5:18

    w, I downloaded your unlock picture patch. Works great! Thanks!


    • imgCherry says:

      2011/03/03 at 9:45

      Thank you!

  17. imgCS says:

    2011/03/03 at 6:08

    Sorry to super multi-post, but the issue with passability with the moving graphics in the upper tileset being the same as the lower; does that apply to the whole upper/lower chipset or just to the moving tiles?



    • imgCherry says:

      2011/03/03 at 9:47

      The moving graphics have nothing to do with the passability.Look: If you use upper tiles in the upper layer, everything is ok. Same thing with lower tiles in lower layer. But if you enable the LowerTilesInUpperLayer feature, you can also use lower tiles in upper layer, but on those the passability settings of the upper tiles will be applied. I can’t change this behaviour without changing the game engine (remember, RM2k9U is not intended to change the game engine, just the editor).

      • imgCS says:

        2011/03/04 at 7:05

        Ah, thank you. I misunderstood.


  18. imgSeena says:

    2011/03/10 at 22:02

    If RM2K9U can have lower tiles in the upper layer, why can’t upper tiles be in the lower layer(ignoring passability settings)?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/03/11 at 5:53

      I don’t know why. This feature is done by just using IDs of Lower Layer tiles for the Upper Layer. Doing it vice-versa doesn’t work, the game engine still shows Lower Layer tiles although I use Uppler Layer IDs there.

  19. imgSeena says:

    2011/03/28 at 3:44

    Does anybody know of a program that can compile an RPG Maker 2000 or 2003 project into a stand alone exe file instead of having a bunch of files in one folder and having all graphics and other resources available for anybody to view and take?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/03/28 at 19:02

      You could use Molebox, however it’s not free, and I already created an unpack script for it – but there aren’t any cheap and secure solutions, I think…

  20. imgVianoce says:

    2011/04/25 at 18:16

    Hello Cherry,

    I have heard great things about the work you have done with RM2K and RM2K3. I wanted to try out the RM2K9 application but everytime I try to open my RM2K3 project using RM2K9 I recieve an error. The error is as follows; “Due to an internel error, RPG Maker had to be closed. The exit code was C0000005 (access violation).” Are you familar with this error?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/04/26 at 15:27 (Edit)

      Do you have COMODO Internet Security installed? In that case, all you can do is uninstall COMODO completely. COMODO is very agressive and creates problems with other programs too, unfortunately.

      If you don’t use COMODO: Which Windows version do you use? If you are using Vista or 7, try enabling the Windows XP compatibility mode for rpg2009.exe and rpg2003.exe.

  21. imgsubzero repair San Fernando says:

    2011/05/26 at 11:42


  22. imgNoor udeen Varghese says:

    2011/05/27 at 4:15

    This is how to get around issues.


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  24. imgMercedez Keenom says:

    2011/06/07 at 22:24

    I am really amazed. Today I spent a lot of my free time looking for something interesting on this topic. Finally I found your site. Thanks for that!


  25. imgmap of the university of maryland says:

    2011/07/03 at 5:06

    Many thanks and Superior luck!

  26. imgSeena says:

    2011/07/05 at 19:30

    Why does hyper patcher 2 allow rm2k 1.07 to have 9999 pictures, but only allow 126 pictures on all other versions?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/07/05 at 22:37

      Because 126 pictures require only some in-place changes (replacing values with other, higher values), which can be done programatically. But for more than 126 pictures, I need to do manual work… and I only did that for RM2k 1.07 yet. Revolution Patch for RM2k3 will also allow 9999 pictures, in several layers.

  27. imgIddalai says:

    2011/07/17 at 5:34


    Your RPG Maker patches are really useful!

    About the “BetterAEP”, is there any way leave the “switches” and “variables” values unchanged after using “quit” from the game menu? Or to make the maker “remember” if a specific switch is ON and leave it ON the next time the game is played from the beginning?

    This would allow the “Main Title Menu” to change throughout the game, in example if the player had found all the treasures in the game the “Title Image” could be changed to have a golden medal by turning a switch ON after getting all the treasures.

    Obviouly, when creating the “New Game” and “Load Game” events, one had to add “all switches OFF” and “all variables set to 0″.

    But it would provide even more game creation freedom!

    Is it possible?

    Thanks in advance,


    • imgCherry says:

      2011/07/17 at 10:28


      with Power Patch, you can save/load variables to files outside of the normal savefiles.

      Best regards,

  28. imgIddalai says:

    2011/07/17 at 17:50

    Thanks for the reply!

    Power Patch Compact? The one solely in German, I’ll give it a try.

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/07/17 at 18:01

      Not Power Patch Compact, but Power Patch.

      You are right, it’s in German, but you can look at the demo to find out how it works. Talk to the cow. Options from top to bottom: Change variables, save variables, load variables, delete saved variables.

      • imgIddalai says:

        2011/07/18 at 2:32

        Thanks again.

        You really reply quickly to these questions. Thank you.

  29. imgdren says:

    2011/07/18 at 17:09

    I have a question. Was wondering if there is a way to store real time data in variables using any of your tools. For example: I want to store the day of the week on the user’s PC in a variable, as well as the time of day set on their computer in multiple variables. Thanks very much in advance for any help provided! I enjoy your work very much.

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/07/18 at 17:19

      Hello, both Power Patch and Power Patch Compact have this option.

      • imgdren says:

        2011/07/18 at 17:29

        Thanks for the quick reply

  30. imgSlyvia Mcgiveron says:

    2011/07/19 at 9:45

    Viele Grüsse aus Wien

  31. imgSearch Engine Optimization says:

    2011/07/19 at 10:12

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  32. imgPDJB says:

    2011/07/23 at 11:05

    Yo, great programmer. Is it currently known on how to alter RM2K3’s DBS’s battle formulas? Considering the uselessness of the default (such as INT doing almost nothing).

    Also, do you know of a list where all of RMK23’s bugs/glitches are listed?

  33. imgTammi Lagrone says:

    2011/07/30 at 16:17

    This is a terrific website, would you be interested in doing an interview about how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

  34. imgAmritkala says:

    2011/08/17 at 14:41

    Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appeal. I must say you have done a superb job with this. In addition, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Internet explorer. Exceptional Blog!

  35. imgSeena says:

    2011/08/19 at 11:16

    Is there anywhere I can download the source code for Hyper Patcher 2?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/08/19 at 14:03

      No, but if you want publish it, I can send it to you. Please reply to this post and put your e-mail address in the “Mail” field.

      • imgSeena says:

        2011/08/24 at 19:43

        Thank you Cherry. My email is and I am actually in the process of creating my own website, so I will be able to publish the source code soon. I am also improving Hyper Patcher 1 and I plan to submit it once I’m done. Improvments will include extending existing functions to rm2k3, and adding functions to change limits on character stats, inventory, gold, and variables.

        Also from now on I will go by “Tahoe Tessie” rather than “Seena”.

        • imgvaldir salgueiro says:

          2012/11/16 at 23:48

          hi can you send to me too? im working on a android port and all patches that extend the maker are going to be useful since im only porting the player (of course)

          i have the same ideas: to implement script system and so on, so any help/input is appreciated

          my email:

  36. imgMaster Chain says:

    2012/11/20 at 22:20

    Huui dein FAQ könntest du auch mal wieder aktualisieren

    • imgCherry says:

      2012/12/10 at 20:15

      Richtig. Tat ich jetzt.

  37. imgShahan says:

    2013/05/07 at 23:41

    Hello Cherry,
    I was just wondering if I can ask you something really important about one of your patches. I’m not sure if I can talk about it in your site publicly. I was looking for your email but I wasn’t sure if the About one is accurate. It’s something about Olly and extracting something from one of my old games. But I’m extremely confused about something.


    • imgCherry says:

      2014/06/20 at 9:55

      The email on the about page should be alright for contacting me…

  38. imgbracerie Bari says:

    2014/02/03 at 14:57

    You have several hosting plans available starting at €9/year and I am wondering if I can pay by credit card, thank you for your answer.

    • imgCherry says:

      2014/06/20 at 8:44

      Through PayPal, credit card payment is also possible. Please contact me at the email address you can find here if you are interested.

  39. imgAnon says:

    2014/03/16 at 22:08

    Can you make a tool to rename characters from a save file?
    Whenever i try to do it with a hex editor, it either gives an error,
    or the characters disappear and battles end immediately.

  40. imgTraslochi Bari says:

    2014/03/20 at 12:47

    I’ve visited but it’s not that great, why did you not made something more complete, you’re a webmaster and you’re supposed to create something special

    • imgCherry says:

      2014/06/18 at 21:11 is only a pro-forma website since I do not actively look for new clients anymore. I am working full-time as CEO in a different company.

  41. imgHuman Wannabe says:

    2014/06/21 at 1:41

    You’re great cherry. Maybe you can do something about the default of RMXP/VX/VXA? hehe

  42. imgLBT says:

    2014/11/21 at 11:14

    Hi, I need help with a little problem. I have a compiled project of RPG Maker XP, well, now I have only a GAME.exe and GAME.ini but I need my project without compile again and I DELETED :(

    I wonder, is there any possibility to recover my project files using these game.exe and GAME.ini?

    Thank you so much for the help.