By derula

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Disharmony Audio Patch (in short, “Disharmony”) is a replacement for the default audio system (will be referred to “Harmony” in the following) of RPG Maker 2000 and 2003. It is designed to be as compatible as possible, while fixing the worst flaws of Harmony and introducing new features.


  • Full DirectSound playback of music (except MIDI, which is played via midiOut) and sound effects. Due to that, all file formats for which a DirectShow filter is installed are supported. By default this is raw WAV, MP3 and WMA.
  • Reading access to special looping information in MP3, WMA and OGG tags. This information can be written to MP3 and OGG files using Loop Editor, a special tool that comes with Disharmony.
  • Using effects like Chorus, Echo, etc. when playing non-MIDI music. Disharmony takes advantage of Cherry’s work on Finder to read game Switches and Variables with which you can control those effects.
  • Theoretical playback of an infinite number of sound effects simultaneously.
  • Disharmony stops all currently playing sounds with a given file name if you play the same again at volume 0.
  • “Played BGM Once” fork condition is supported for all audio formats.
  • Midis are played back and a very similar way the original harmony.dll did it. That is, the beginning of songs are cut off if they are silent, and the controller 111 is supported as a loop starting point indicator. Furthermore, a few bugs with the original harmony.dll are fixed, most notably the one that made all MIDIs sound strange if a previously played MIDI made changes to some controllers.
  • “MIDI Play Pos” will return the music playback position in milliseconds for all kinds of input file.
  • No link files have to be created like in Ineluki’s patch. They are still supported, though.
  • Full support for Ineluki’s keypatch.
  • Apart from the needed DirectShow filters, no additional DLL are required if you aren’t using Ineluki’s keypatch.
  • Full compatibility to original harmony.dll: Volume (logarithmic volume control), Speed, Panpot and Fade-In / Fade-Out (also logarithmic) are all supported.