The PicPointerPatch, as the name says, lets you use pointers at picture IDs (this means, the destination ID of a Show, Move or Erase Picture command can be choosen at runtime, using a variable). It’s very easy to use: if you want to use a fix ID, enter it normally (e.g. <> Show Picture 7, cloud), if you want to get the ID from a variable, use 10000+VarID als picture ID (e.g. <> Change Variable [208], 7 set; <> Show Picture 10208, cloud ← same effect as <> Show Picture 7, cloud). If the variable contains an illegal value, you will get an error.

This also works with transparecy and magnification of pictures at Show and Move Picture commands, as well as the duration of Move Picture commands!

The second important feature (new in version 2) is – you can also make the filename of the picture be choosen through a variable.

If you use 50000+VarID as picture ID…

  1. as explained above, the real picture ID will be read out of variable [VarID]
  2. a file number will be read out of variable [VarID+1] – the last 4 chars of the picture filename will be replaced with that number

Some useful examples:

<> Show Picture 2, (160, 120), Item_0000
This command shows, as usual, the image “Item_0000″ as picture no. 2.

<> Change Variable [0208], 9 set<> Show Picture 10208, (160, 120), Item_0000
This will show the image “Item_0000″ as picture no. 9.

Now look:
<> Change Variable [0208], 14 set<> Change Variable [0209], 83 set<> Show Picture 50208, (160, 120), Item_0000
This will show the image “Item_0083″ (!) as picture no. 14!

Important: The filename should have space for this number! An example how it should not be: If you would the example above using a picture “Blue Dragon”, the RPG Maker would try to load a file called “Blue Dr0083″! You would get a “File not found” error then.

Everything, the patch can not process, it will hand over to the RPG Maker. So – for exmaple – if you use 10500 as picture ID though this variable is unused, the patch hands this over to the RPG Maker, which would try to show a picture with ID 10500 – this would result in an error.

A practical expamle is attached as demo game (just look into the folder “Demo”). It’s a number display with 6 digits – this only needs 15 event commands! Just open it in your RPG Maker and look at the event (the comments are in german, just ignore them).

Number displays, item/skill/equip menus, etc. – with PicPointerPatch you can do all these things in very short time!

You can find detailled instructions how to install the patch in the included “readme” file.