Important update (March 2021): The original version 1.06 won’t load event scripts from the official RM2k3 versions (1.10+) because it is loaded as text instead. This can be fixed by downloading this file and replacing the eventfactory.dll file in your install directory with it.

RMEventFactory is a batch tool for creating RPG Maker 2000/2003 events. You can create events by reproducing a template and replacing values. You can also read values from CSV files. RMEventFactory is targetted to advanced RPG Maker users.

RMEventFactory will scan the template for special values and replace them by the result of a formula. You can also embed formulas and commands in strings, like messages (”Show Message”).

This way you can easily create a bunch of chest events (with different switches, and the right items and messages) or a list of “Change Variable” commands to set the stats of your CBS’ enemies, read out of a CSV file.

Plus, you can save event data to a file and later load it back (so you can also send events over the internet to other people), export events to text (→ EasyEventExporter) or convert events to other types – map event to battle event, for example (→ Battle Event Converter).

A detailed english manual and some examples are included.


RMEventFactory Screenshot