The CharExpand Patch lets you use bigger charsets in RPG Maker 2000. A charsets now may be up to 1024×768 pixels. It may contain a standard charset (8 chars, with all face directions and all steps, total size: 288×256), 1 bigger char with all face directions (up to 256×256 per sprite) and steps or 1 sprite (up to 1024×768; so you can use charsets like pictures). For exapmles, look in the charset folder of the demo game.


To install the patch, execute the file “Patcher.exe”, open a RPG_RT.EXE (version 1.07) and click “Patch”.


To tell the patch, how big a sprite actually is, a filename prefix is used.


XX and YY are width and height of one sprite, divided by 4.

%0812People.png → One sprite has a size of (8×4)x(12×4) = 32×48 pixels, if the file contains one full char, the total size is 96×192 pixels.

Other chars than numbers are treated like “0″. So “%A41B” will be treated like “%0410″: 16×40.

In RPG Maker you should always use the first char of the charset if you use expanded chars. If you want to use a charset containing only one sprite like a picture, use “Fixed Graphic” mode with face direction “up” and step status “left” (see also the demon event in the demo).


I’m sorry, but the patch has some restrictions too.

  1. Because of the bigger charsets, some problems with priorities (espicially with the upper layer tiles) arise. You can avoid this either by tricky mapping or by using standard chars for uncontrolled moving events (like the hero or events with random movement).
  2. Half-transparent terrains don’t work with expanded chars. Graphical waste will be displayed (standard chars can step through as usual).
  3. You can (as usual) “speak” with the tile, where the event stands on, only (for example: if you have a big monster, the hero will not be able to interact with its feet by pressing ENTER.)
  4. Please do never use charsets with a “%” as first char in filename, but a filename lenght less than 5 (like “%OPA”)! This will let your game crash!