At least I hope so!

I have created something which I think is a revolution. No, it’s not the Revolution Patch… I cancelled it, it was a step into the wrong direction. I also cancelled CGSS… it would need too much time to complete it and would then be far too slow.

No, it’s DynRPG, the RM2k3 plugin SDK! Programmers can write plugins (yes, no “patches”, just plugins!) in C++, game makers can use them in their game just by copying a DLL file into a folder!

Are you curious? Get more information here!

11 Responses to “The revolution has come!”

  1. imgT.J. says:

    2012/02/13 at 8:24

    Hello Cherry, as someone whom has been building an extensive RM2003 game for years (off and on, it’s been at least 8!), I humbly ask if anything you do could inch us closer to a Mode 7-like effect for a field map?

    Is it just completely, entirely and technologically impossible in 2012? I know about lolRMXP, but it’s a useless downgrade from what RM2003 pioneers. I’m a veteran of the side-view battle. I can bring fully-animated creations to life. But I cannot slant my world map. This is a problem.

    I’m sure getting RM2003 to display even a shred of slant would be like outfitting my rusty oldsmobile with a hover conversion, but I can offer what I’m able for such time spent. Take care, Cherry.

    • imgCherry says:

      2012/02/13 at 14:39

      The main problem at the moment is that DynRPG doesn’t have the map data and chipset classes implemented yet. I will do that in the future. :-)

      • imgT.J. says:

        2012/02/16 at 6:40

        Sounds promising. Thanks for all you do. /

  2. imgL.M. says:

    2012/04/02 at 18:34

    Hey, Cherry, this sounds great. I was wondering if this would allow extensive editing of the default battle system? For example, fixing the reflect magic bug or messing with the algorithms. Thank you for all your work, with out it I wouldn’t even be bothering with rm2k3 anymore.

    • imgL.M. says:

      2012/04/02 at 18:47

      Er… I mean, not the reflect magic bug. Just more customization with the DBS… Man, I need to read more before I post. Sorry!

      • imgCherry says:

        2012/06/03 at 20:50

        Messing with the algorithms: Partly, with some tricks, maybe. But as you can see at the RMN forums, there are already DBS-manipulating plugins out there (animated monsters, higher battle speed, …).

  3. imgJason says:

    2012/04/23 at 23:55

    I’m not sure if this is easy or not, however would it be possible to use this to make it so that I can use any size sprites in game? Kind of like the plugin you made for RPGM2k? Working on a game in 2K3 and would love to somehow have an over world boss sprite that is bigger then the default 288 by 256 sprite sheet

    • imgCherry says:

      2012/06/03 at 20:51

      It’s not that easy, but with DynRPG it would be possible. However, I will not do it, as I do not have time for it… but that’s the good thing about DynRPG: It’s not necessary that it’s me doing the modifications all the time anymore :)

  4. imgX-Tech says:

    2012/08/21 at 16:14

    Hey Cherry. It’s possible someone could maker a plugin for dyn rpg to playback .nsf format of music in rpgmaker2003 ?

    It’s very important to nes style music in games. In mp3 format it takes to much weight.

    • imgCherry says:

      2012/12/10 at 20:19

      Of course, although there is no callback for music functions yet, but I have already thought of that. So, at the moment, it’s not easily possible (though I could think of ways to do it, I am sure “normal people” with only the DynRPG documentation as knowledge base won’t be able to do it because it involves using the Microsoft Detours Library to hook the music functions (of which I know the virtual addresses, of course)).

  5. imgDroggelbecher says:

    2013/05/04 at 16:26

    Hiho Cherry,

    nach langer Zeit arbeite ich wieder mit dem Maker und denke, dass DynRPG wirklich eine ausgezeichnete Möglichkeit darstellt, die Funktionen des Makers endlich mal mit effizientem Code zu erweitern, vielen Dank dafür ;)

    Habe selbst leider keine Ahnung vom Programmieren, allerdings hoffe ich mal, dass es auch in Zukunft noch neue Plugins geben wird!

    Im Atelier bin ich auf das Pathfinding-Plugin gestoßen und wollte fragen, ob du dieses womöglich noch erweitern könntest? Es funktioniert so schon bereits ganz gut, jedoch fehlen mir leider noch zwei grundlegende Einstellungen: Die Möglichkeit, die Kanten zu gewichten (zB über die Terrain-ID) und vor allem die Möglichkeit, sich angeben zu lassen, wie lang ein kalkulierter Weg ist. Man weiß z.B. bei einem Taktik-KS ja nicht immer vorher, zu welchem Ziel der kürzeste Pfad existiert. Deswegen wäre es klasse, wenn es dafür ebenfalls einen Parameter geben würde, der einem zunächst die Pfadlänge ausgibt =)