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There are a lot of patches for the RPG Maker out there. But there are also many incompatiblities and other problems. At the end nobody really knows what’s the best way to solve a foreign problem.

With the CGSS, I am now trying to create a platform where it’s easy to build extensions for the RPG Maker upon. The CGSS is scripting system which is using Lua. It should let you modify and/or extend the RPG Maker with scripts, similar to the RGSS used in RPG Maker XP/VX.

In contrast to previous patches, in the CGSS everything is transparent. Except a “Kernel” object, which allows interaction with the RPG Maker on a very low level, the CGSS is written completely in Lua, and well commented. Before the game is starting, a Lua script is executed, in which the CGSS is initialized. Then, it’s possible to switch between RPG Maker code and Lua scripts using “Callbacks” installed in that initialization script.

For the simple RPG Maker user, the integration of modification is made a lot easier through the concept of “Userscripts”. He only needs to download a script from the internet, modify the settings if necessary and then copy it into a special folder – it’s instantly integrated into the game. For programmers this creates a new world of infinite possibilities, because you can write scripts by yourself, of course.

You can use any Lua libraries out there – there are a lot, from a network library to a 3D library, you’ll find everything. You can also write one by yourself, if you are able to.

However, the CGSS only works with 2 versions of the RPG_RT.EXE file (RM2000 v1.07 and RM2003 v1.08), but this can theoretically be extended later. But I have the most information about this two, which makes integreation quite easy for me. Other versions should not even be necessary, because in theory, you will be able to build all missing features by yourself using the CGSS.

The testing demo

To understand the operation and the possibilities of CGSS, the easiest way is to see an example. Although the development is at a very early state, I have created a small testing demo, where a userscript is demonstrated, which allows easy keyboard and mouse input (partly like Power Mode 2003). At the moment, no more ways of interaction with the game than access to switches and variables are implemented.

For a quick overview you should first start and test the demo, then view it in the RPG Maker and look into the file “Script\Userscripts\basic_keyboard_and_mouse_input.user.lua”.

You can get the download here: CGSS Testing Demo v0.00a1-testing


At the moment, there is no proper documentation (except the comments in the scripts). A detailed documentation will follow soon.

56 Responses to “Cherry Game Scripting System (CGSS)”

  1. imgKasey Chambers says:

    2010/11/18 at 4:53

    was noticing the way, on target, thoughts and concepts provided me with some good

  2. imgHero says:

    2010/11/19 at 17:23

    Woah ?!
    LUA in Rpg Maker ?

    Man it’ll be damn awesome.
    Keep it up pal !

    I am right behind you, watching this project !

  3. imgnick says:

    2010/12/02 at 4:28

    so i could expand my char sprites with this?

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/02 at 9:51

      At the moment, no.

      If you mean using bigger charsets with RM2k: There is the CharExpand-Patch for doing so.

  4. imgnick says:

    2010/12/02 at 4:40

    i need your help cherry and i will not settle in the creation of my game

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/02 at 9:52

      What help do you need?

      Unfortunately, I don’t understand what you mean by “i will not settle in the creation of my game”.

  5. imgnick says:

    2010/12/02 at 11:20

    im making an abs and well i need to be able to make bigger char sets like in your char expander for rpg2000 but im useing 2003 and i cant use animations or pics to do it and i tryied a exe editor and its really hard:( soo i need your help to understand wat to do or i need a 2003 charexpander sir

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/02 at 19:53

      Sorry, there is no CharExpand-Patch for RM2k3, I won’t create one, at least not in the next time. Sorry!

      • imgnick says:

        2010/12/02 at 21:01

        how do i edit exe then and is it possable to find the code useing the alterd one from charexpnader and kinda copy and paste

        • imgCherry says:

          2010/12/03 at 8:53

          I am certain you can’t do that. It’s not simple copy & paste of something :)

  6. imgnick says:

    2010/12/02 at 11:21

    and do you know any one thyats good at char editing?

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/02 at 19:53

      I’d just ask in a forum.

      • imgnick says:

        2010/12/02 at 21:28

        forums have got me know where so far and do you know oor recomend any good forums personally

        • imgCherry says:

          2010/12/03 at 8:55

          Depends on your country.I know many good forums in different countries.

  7. imgnick says:

    2010/12/02 at 21:30

    also is it possable to right a cgs script and use it in this mod that will get the same results if so can you help me

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/03 at 8:54

      No, because in this demo, CGSS has only access to switches and variables, there is no other interface yet.

  8. imgSeena says:

    2010/12/04 at 20:37

    Is it currently possible to make the variables floating-point using the CGSS?

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/04 at 20:39

      Not really, this will never work, BUT you could write an extension which does maths with floating point values, using one variable for the integer part, and one variable for the fraction part (limited accuracy then, of course).

  9. imgmarkchapman10 says:

    2010/12/17 at 5:46

    Hello, my names markchapman10 and im from rrr revolution.. Wel, thats where i heard about your kick ass (if you dont mind me saying) system you have put together here. I for one was one of the people that would have took 2k3 over anythong, i loved the side veiw battle system, and now that we have someone sproosin it up its going to be kick ass! (*sorry ifagain.) another thing, what klinda scripting is it going to be? i can deal with the variables and switches, im heavily experienced in that, but im really sketchy with the RGSS… Anyways back to the main message of the message, I love what your doing keep it up!

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/17 at 7:58

      It should be something similar to RGSS for RM2k(3).The goal is to be able to modify the RPG Maker’s behaviour and add your own stuff. When somebody created a “userscript”, the others just need to copy it in the “Userscripts” folder and it should work – basically.

      At the moment, CGSS has only access to Switches and Variables and some screen-related stuff – see the demo.

  10. imgmarkchapman10 says:

    2010/12/17 at 7:53

    Its all complements………. -_- lol… Im american if that may explain anything… this may not be the right place but i tried your ultimate and it said the request operation requires elevation… Could ya maybe help me with this?

    • imgCherry says:

      2010/12/17 at 7:59

      This is the wrong section. I’d’ve put it in the Ultimate section…

      Probably you have set “Run as administrator” in the properties of your RPG Maker. In that case you need to set that flag for rpg2009.exe too.

      • imgmarkchapman10 says:

        2010/12/17 at 8:14

        Sorry for posting again in the wrong spot, but my problem was i had to run your ultimate program in Windows XP SP 2 or 3. but thanks anyways.

        • imgCherry says:

          2010/12/17 at 8:16

          No, it’s working fine with Windows Vista and 7, I am using Windows 7 myself too.

          Because it seems like you have set that your normal RPG Maker need admin privileges, you have to make sure that RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate runs with admin priviliges too, otherwise it can’t load your RPG Maker (that’s why it tells you that it has to be elevated to admin priveleges).

          • imgmarkchapman10 says:

            2010/12/17 at 8:19

            no, i didnt change the privlage at all… All i did was change my RM2K3 and ultimate to compatibility with XP service pack 2 or 3 and it works fine with out admin privlages……. =)

          • imgCherry says:

            2010/12/17 at 8:24

            no, i didnt change the privlage at all… All i did was change my RM2K3 and ultimate to compatibility with XP service pack 2 or 3 and it works fine with out admin privlages……. =)

            Interesting, since it works without compatibility mode for me.

            But anyway, great that it’s working now.

  11. imgCircuit Design %0B says:

    2011/01/28 at 16:58

    `;: I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information :,’

  12. imgJalax says:

    2011/02/25 at 0:01

    (Sorry, I am a brazilian without dictionary…)

    The next demo will be released or not?
    PS: You can put a tutorial teaching how to use the system…

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/02/25 at 8:48


      Well, I am so busy that I don’t have any time for RPG Maker related stuff at the moment. This is why there is no new version (although I hope there will eventually be one!). Also, there won’t be a tutorial before the exact structure is fixed.

  13. imgSeena says:

    2011/03/02 at 0:38

    What is Power Patch?
    Is CGSS based on Power Patch?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/03/02 at 11:42

      Power Patch is an add-on with German-only documentation which added Lua to the RPG Maker, in a very primitive (and buggy) way. CGSS uses Lua too, but that’s the only similarity.

  14. imgnick says:

    2011/05/31 at 17:58

    um i got another question for you and your wonderful knowlge of all things rpgmaker that i care about ….do you kn ow of a mod that will allow me to show multipe animations at once

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/06/01 at 8:16

      I already read your post, you don’t need to repeat it.

      There is no such solution yet, but I am working on it.

  15. imgnick says:

    2011/06/01 at 8:08

    does anyone know how to make it so i can run multiple animations at once

  16. imgnick says:

    2011/06/12 at 9:02

    sweet cherry i love your work lemme know asap

  17. imgSeena says:

    2011/06/13 at 22:03

    Is there a new release of the CGSS (even a small inofficial release)?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/06/13 at 23:22

      Unfortunately not. But for me, CGSS is not cancelled. It’s suspended because I found out that it became a bigger project than I thought, but I intend to continue it some day (even when there are only 10 people using RM2k at all at that time :D )

  18. imgnick says:

    2011/06/14 at 21:05

    i use 2k3 please make fun things for it cherry

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/06/15 at 8:22

      I’ll try! :D

  19. imgnick says:

    2011/06/14 at 22:43

    wat was clever

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/06/15 at 8:21

      Nothing, it was just a spam bot :)

  20. imgOrochii says:

    2011/08/12 at 5:19

    Don’t worry, there are still a good bunch of RM2k/3 users there! Myself included, of course.
    And I will be waiting this thing. Forever (not literally of course, simply I can’t do it literally).

    And good luck with your “not RM-related” projects,
    Orochii Zouveleki

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/08/14 at 14:26

      Thank you!

  21. imgchiaosu says:

    2011/09/29 at 0:13

    Cherry I got a question here… Is it possible to merge the Char expand patch and the Better AEP one?

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/09/29 at 0:27

      I think it should be possible by using Lunar IPS to compare a unpatched rpg_rt.exe with a CharExpand-Patch’d one and create an IPS patch from it… and then applying this patch on the BetterAEP’s rpg_rt.exe.

      • imgchiaosu says:

        2011/09/30 at 18:24

        Thank you, Cherry! Just got it working here! ^^ I’m using your RPG Maker 2009 and loving, nice work. :)

  22. imgXander says:

    2011/10/26 at 10:43

    This is totally awesome. If I get it right you then could easily add a simple sideviewbattlesystem to rm2k or even something like a materia system without having to script everything in events… I so hope to be able to see this one day, even though I can’t really script.

    Please keep this up!

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/11/20 at 12:50

      Yes, you are right, however CGSS is far from that state. At the moment there are only objects to interface with variables and switches, nothing else… My intention was to create something like RGSS for RM2k(3), but unfortunately the project got stuck due to lack of time. Maybe one day, when the RM2k(3) has only 10 users anymore, there will be a full version… *dreaming*

  23. imgSkyRifter says:

    2011/11/16 at 23:47

    CAN YOU Make/Design a RPG Maker 2003 RM tool?

    the RM RPG2000 RM Tool WILL Not Scan my entire project, it completely refuses to.

    Since your pro, Can you possibly Design one, or Know anyone else who has?
    or is working on one?
    , or lead me too a source?

    My project is a ‘Mega project’ -Extremely Large project -truly like no other
    thanks, -;

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/11/20 at 12:50

      I can, but I don’t have time to do it.
      I am sorry.

      Best regards,

  24. imgEnzarro says:

    2011/11/20 at 1:19

    Hi Cherry. Well, I came to your project with a specific requirement for my game.

    I’m using Powermode, an it allows me to get the sin, cos and tan, but now I need to get the degree (angle) from two points in the game (an example: x1,y1 ; x2,y2).

    The only way that I know to do it involves an operation that can only be made by a calculator, or programming languages. Arctangent.

    If you know some other way to get the angle from two points, please… PLEASE let me know!

    Pd: You’re doing a great work.

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/11/20 at 12:54


      Of course you could use CGSS instead of Powermode and create a script which provides all features you need.

      If this is too complicated for you, I have another idea:

      since angle(x1, y1, x2, y2) = atan2(y2 – y1, x2 – x1) and the definition of atan2 is described here, you could use RMEventFactory to create a common event which contains hundreds of forks which give you the value of atan2 for certain parameters.

      Best regards,

  25. imgLabs says:

    2011/12/10 at 21:19

    Is there any way to change the map bigger than 500×500? I really need it but i just havent found any patch like this.

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/12/10 at 23:22

      No, sorry.

      Have a nice weekend!

      EDIT: What do you need it for?

  26. imgLabs says:

    2011/12/13 at 0:04

    I did it already. Just had to use resource hacker and got it. I need it for a minigame.

    Here is da pic:

    Maybe it’s working with 9999×9999 too, i have not tried.

    • imgCherry says:

      2011/12/17 at 16:56

      Ah yes, you are right… I thought there was another internal limitation, but seems I was wrong.

      Merry christmas.